About Us


Centers for Imaging and Research of America are focused on delivering advanced Molecular Imaging procedures to outpatient healthcare. Because of our uniquely skilled team made up of Nuclear Engineers, Medical Physicists, Nuclear Medicine physicians, and Tracers manufacturing partners over the past 20 years, CIRA has successfully led an entire Molecular Imaging workflow from the initial manufacturing to the final clinical outcome to produce a revolutionary diagnostic product that is faster and more diagnostic accurate while decreased radiation dose to patients. Our focus is on Oncology, Cardiology, and Neurology with strong service in Molecular Imaging Research.


Molecular Imaging - Cardiology

CIRA performs Cardiac PET/CT studies with FDG-18, CARDIOGEN-82, and soon will introduce revolutionary N-13 Ammonia with an extremely short half-life and documented high diagnostic accuracy, particularly in conjunction with CT attenuation correction from the PET/CT acquisition. N-13 Ammonia allows for a large positron range with efficient cardiac extraction and retention. This study is impossible to perform in hospitals or outpatient clinics without an on-site cyclotron production of the radiopharmaceutical.  CIRA can overcome this large obstacle by leveraging the technology and capabilities into other synergistic clinical imaging specialties requiring similar complexity.  This solution has allowed CIRA to partner with class A healthcare manufacturers in the world to deliver the highest standards of Cardiac PET facilities in Florida.  With this, CIRA can accurately calculate Coronary Flow Reserve in the N-13 Ammonia Cardiac PET scans, quantify Myocardial Perfusion, and provide a better understanding of Myocardial Viability.

  1. Myocardial Perfusion Imaging PET/CT– Cardiac PET/CT Stress Test
  2. Myocardial Viability PET/CT
  3. Coronary Flow Reserve PET/CT - CFR PET/CT
  4. Cardiac Amyloidosis PET/CT
  5. Conventional Myocardial Perfusion Imaging – Nuclear Stress Test
  6. Cardiac Multigated Analysis - MUGA

Molecular Imaging - Oncology

CIRA performs several advanced oncologic exams utilizing a variety of different radiopharmaceuticals and protocols. Our efficient design and the best-in-class PET/CT and SPECT scanners allow us to perform State of the Art whole-body PET/CT oncology scan in under 8 minutes as compared to the average 30-40 minutes on traditional PET/CT systems in hospital/outpatient imaging. We also perform advanced motion correction and annihilation event correction allowing for accurate localization and reproducibility of small lesions. This is critical to our radiation oncology colleagues. Our business theme in molecular oncology imaging is similar to our molecular cardiology imaging, faster, more accurate, and decreased radiation dose to the patient.

  1. Whole Body F-8-FDG PET scans,
  2. Ga-68 DOTATATE PET/CT studies - Neuroendocrine tumors
  3. NaF-18 Bone PET/CT studies - Osteoblastic Metastasis
  4. Fluciclovine F-18 PET/CT studies - Recurrent Prostate Disease
  5. Monoclonal Antibody SPECT Imaging – MIBG, OctreoScan
  6. Conventional Nuclear Medicine Imaging – Bone Scan, 131 Whole Body

Molecular - Neurology

CIRA performs several advanced molecular PET/CT and SPECT neurological exams from traditional F-18 FDG brain PET/CT scan to evaluate cortical metabolism to F-18 Florbetapir and F-18 Florbetaben PET/CT brain scans to evaluate amyloid deposition in the brain.  These advanced molecular studies help diagnose and evaluate treatment responses of Alzheimer’s Disease.

  1. F-18 Florbetapir PET/CT Brain Imaging - Amyloid deposition Evaluation
  2. F-18 Florbetaben PET/CT Brain Imaging - Amyloid deposition Evaluation
  3. F18-18-FDG PET/CT Brain Imaging - Cortical Metabolism Evaluation
  4. Conventional Nuclear Medicine Brain Imaging – DAT Scan


All studies are performed by licensed technical experts and medical staff in the field of nuclear medicine and Board Certified Radiologists specialized in molecular imaging.

Our Radiologists

Dr. Daryl Eber, MD

•  Undergrad at the University of Florida.
•  Medical school at the University of Miami.
•  Residency in Diagnostic Radiology and fellowship in Nuclear Medicine at UM Jackson Memorial Hospital.
•  Board Certified in both Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

Dr. Cesar A. Santana, MD.

•  Medical school at Instituto Superior de Ciencias Medicas de la Habana.
•  Post - Doctoral fellowship, Nuclear Medicine Residency, PET/CT Fellowship in Department of Radiology, Emory University School of Medicine.
•  Board Certified in Nuclear Medicine.